Powerflushing could save your central heating system. Over time sludge builds up in central heating systems – This is caused by natural corrosion and can cause cold spots in radiators and even blockages in pipes that could permanently damage your boiler.

Using special equipment I Power Flush pipework and radiators to get rid of this sludge.

If you feel that your radiators have cold spots just give me a call.

I’ll come and have a look and see if it might be worth flushing them through.

Fixed prices – so you know the cost before I start
Local, experienced and qualified ABU Plumbing & Gas Engineer
All work guaranteed for 12 months for your peace of mind

12 month guarentee


I offer a 12 Month Guarantee with all my work.

blocked pipes


If you’ve got a problem with blocked pipes just give me a call – I’ll come and see how we can fix it.

sludge build up


I offer a full Power Flushing service to clear out older radiators. Over time radiators can develop Cold Spots... where sludge build up, from the system, collects in the middle of the radiators. Power flushing flushes this sludge out of the radiator enabling hot water to flow throughout the radiator again.

New radiators


Replacing old radiators doesn’t have to be a HUGE job. I can match your existing sizes or advise on what kind and size of radiator would be best for each room. Give me a call and I’ll come and have a look.