Install a central heating filter, protect your boiler and improve your heating efficiency.

A Central Heating Filter will remove the dirt and particles from your circulating system water. Know as “sludge” this substance blocks up pipes, accumulates in radiators and collects in components such as boilers, pumps and valves.

Sludge reduces the efficiency of your heating system as the hot water from your boiler cannot circulate efficiently due to the narrowing of the pipes. The pump has to work much harder to move the water around the system. System valves and heat exchanges in your boiler become blocked (in combi boilers this can results in no hot water available at the taps). Sludge accumulates in the bottom of radiators which slowly builds up resulting in increasingly poor heating performance.

A central heating filter is normally installed between the last radiator and the boiler, removing damaging particles. When your boiler has its annual service the A B U Gas & Plumbing Heating Engineer will also clean your filter, add an inhibitor solution as necessary reducing the build up of sludge.

For older systems (over 5 years) a power, or chemical-flush is recommended before the installation of a filter in order to remove .

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